I need a break here…someone, anyone…

Oh lord help me, everyday life of a writer part three.

So we all have days that just start out wrong…bad..horrible etc, and we muddle our way through them as best as we can, Yesterday was one of those days. As per normal these days, mine started or o-dark thirty. mousing around in the dark half asleep cuz that’s what happens when your woken up right? At the moment, I’m not even sure why I am heading out in the garage…well yes I do, waffles…breakfast foods; and I open the door…*insert dramatic music* and this sound reaches my ears. It isn’t the normal every day sounds of my garage, and yes we all know the normal sounds of which I speak. The hum of the extra fridge, the occasional chirp of a cricket, the soft hum of the freezer, the splashing made from gushing water. UH wait a minute…gushing water? No that can’t be right cuz really why would there be a waterfall or creek in my garage, of course not! Oh but wait, there is the water-heater. Ah yes that magical thingy that gives me hot water at the moment I ask for it (well okay almost I mean it does have to run through the piles but still)

Oh yes my eyes go straight to the water heater, and the stream that is spraying from the bottom of it… it’s not a pretty sight. “Holy Hell Casey….” Yes I call for someone…Casey is the college student that is staying the summer with my wife and I. It’s handy since every now and then it’s nice to have a male in the house. (I don’t like the one to always have to deal with spiders ya know, and plus Casey is like ten feet tall. So that helps. Steven to be honest you wouldn’t have wanted me calling you at the break of dawn.) Okay water is shut off, nothing to do until Home Depot opens right, so I go back in and decide I’m not hungry I’m gonna go back to bed…where guess what I dream of. Flooding houses, neighborhoods…panic at how I’m gonna tell my spouse who is in LA…followed by me in a car driving to fast and bam, I’m in snow and icy roads and a five car pile up. (may or may not have been caused by me I don’t know) GOD I hate dreams like that.

I wake up finally, my heart is pounding, and I slowly put my foot down to make sure there isn’t any water on the floor—SAFE the floor is dry WOOHOO! Now you all know the routine, bathroom teeth…etc. go to flush and….NOTHING. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Now the toilet is broke, can my luck get any better? Turn the water faucet on again, no water. OH that’s right, we turned the water off…OKAY, I can have coffee cuz well there’s water in the coffee reservoir, sweet. Now on to find a water heater, I GOT THIS!

Oh yeah of course I’ve been in contact with my wife, and she is asking well what about a tank-less water heater. Ooh I like that idea, but the more I look at it, the more its just a gigantic headache to install, and I’ve gone hours in a hot house< why you ask, well because we have a swamp-cooler…which means? YES we need WATER ugh.) Can the day just be over? Yup it certainly can. Water heater is bought, and installed, thanks to wonderful friends. Yes the day is finally over. And let me tell you, Nothing matches the feeling of a nice hot shower.

Thank you TOM, CASEY, JODI, you all rock!!

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  1. It is so nice to have good friends. I assume Jodi knew how to soder since the boys were of no help in that department. LOL

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