Every day life of a writer (part 2)

Like every other person out there I…my wife and I are the proud parents of three fur babies. Two cats and one dog. You may have heard me speak of them from time to time, Pounce and Tux (the demon cat). I have three fur babies because I’ve said NO to anymore, and there is a reason I’ve said NO.

The morning ritual is this…usually at o-dark-thirty, Tux decides its been a long time since anyone has paid any attention to him and his need for love is great. He wanders in from his nightly watch, (because, hey someone has to keep the human authorities safe and well Pouncer is old and takes no interest in that so it falls to the poor kitten.) tired and worn from his vigil he drags himself up onto the bed and wearily dredges his way to a spot between my wife’s and my face…(he’s been busy and deserves a pillow for his tiny head.) Collapsing he doesn’t care who is honored to be blessed with a face full of fur, he sleeps the sleep only a tired kitten can…the tiny snores for his little nose making its way to our ears. (the authorities are cruel to make a baby kitten keep watch over their safety…)

Now understand that while my wife works from home she is still up an early hour, so its usually her that deals with kitten and his need for love at those hours. This last week and this week unfortunately she is traveling…meaning I am alone…It is I that has to deal with kitten…Pouncer AND the puppy dog. (Have I mentioned why I don’t have four pets? In case I haven’t it’s this…. NOTHING is entering this house that A) needs to be feed B) has to be cleaned up after C) needs it’s poop cleaned up. And trust me, my wife asks for a kitten now then…a goat, a pig, a calf, pony…yeah you get my drift.) Anyway back to my story; as I started to say usually it is my wife that wakes up and loves on the kitten and provides the required love needed at that precise moment. For the last few days that’s fallen to me…(Baby I miss you can you please come home now?) It’s a mess…Pouncer is running around pulling fur (he suffers from anxiety so the vet says) I think it’s just his way of making me cry to see if I love him. Tux can’t decide where he is suppose to sleep, (on her pillow..does he share my pillow…should he be under the blanket or on top of it… OH GOD!! WHAT DO WE DO.

The only thing any of us are sure of is that mommy needs to come home, and that kitten needs LOVE.

NOW if all of that isn’t bad enough, I go to take the puppy dog, Jenna for her morning outing…and what do i find??? Go ahead ask…what you’re shy and don’t want to? OH okay I’ll tell you…WASPS. I find a $*&%^ load of wasps flying around my deck. SO what do I do you ask…well I say a few choice words, and find the wasp spray and set out to destroy them. Did you know that those little things can get aggressive as hell? Well THANKS of filling me in on that! NO I didn’t get stung but um…I wouldn’t go outback for a while if I were you. UM yeah I have some writing I need to do….

STEVEN HONEY mommy needs your help!

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