Syfy Saturday

Like every other couple out in the world, my wife has a full-time job. She works from home. Now a lots of folks might think it’s great (hey she’s home…she can do laundry and the dishes and whatever  else needs done right), yeah no; that’s not how that works. I write, well ok …I … think I write; anyway the point is we don’t have the T.V. on all all day abd at night we have our shows that we like to watch (Food Network…God I wish I could cook like them!) Very seldom do we watch Syfy.

Today I’m flipping through and find …Dinosaurs!! AND tonight….OMG a double feature of Sharknado! Now what you have to understand is that my wife loves…absolutely loves all those B-rated movies. GODZILLA…MOTHRA…THEM… Yup all great movies in her book. Me on the other hand…not really my thing, but hey ya know ya gotta make em happy and watch a movie they like right? 

So, Dinoshark AND Sharknado…how many people need to die before we start to listen when someone says there’s a giant prehistoric animal swimming around Mexico?  I mean come on people…don’t you think a dinoshark who just recently unthawed isn’t gonna be freakin hungry? Swimmers, water volleyball players, boaters…you aren’t safe!  WHY won’t you RUN…SWIM AS FAST AS YOU CAN….GO,GO,GO….(ohhh noo… damn that had to hurt.)

Now we have the only two people who understand the dangers these giant creatures present. The sexy curvaceous blonde in the short shorts and tiny bikini top, and the hunky dark haired man with a thing of Spanish accent that comes and goes…will they be able to save us? OF course they can, with dynamite and a flare and a well spoken “welcome to the extinction list you bastard”,  Dinosaurs is blown to hell and the Mexican coast is safe one again….for now.

God I love Syfy Saturday and B-rated movies at our house, let the laughter roll!!!

Dannie Marsden

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