Hot cup of coffee…check, cloudy rainy day…check….

It’s rained off and on 1280x1024all night, so it’s nice a cool here in my little ole hometown. I have my steaming cup of coffee beside me, and my computer all set up ready for the voices to start talking. Sounds like I have all systems go right…yeah not so much. Maybe I need some focus; something to call to me (other than Facebook, and all the other distractions I find. Okay laundry isn’t really a distraction but still…) Maybe I should lock myself in a room with just a notebook and pen…nah, that just sounds like torture for me, and who would feed me or make sure I have coffee…or even check to see if I’m still breathing? (hmm would anyone miss me?)

Alright, yeah I’d be missed and not a damned thing would be done because hey I have a pen and paper and look at what I can draw, and well the room needed cleaning so I thought I’d do that while I worked out scenes in my head.

Is it apparent that I’m back on to finding reasons to procrastinate. Maybe, but I’m at least blogging and that’s sort of like writing isn’t it?

Okay, I’ve put it off long enough, here I go off to some actual writing!! (Hmm I haven’t seen the demon kitten for a while maybe I should go look for him first…)


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  1. Your title drew me in to read. Honestly there aren’t many things better than a good cup of coffee sitting by the window in my favorite cafe, journal and pen in hand as the rain falls. Sometimes it’s ok the be distracted, you’ll get back on track when you need to. For now enjoy the coffee 🙂


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