Getting back into that head-space

I’ve found that when I finish writing a book, I take a few days (weeks) before I can get back into the head-space to start writing again. Is that normal or am I just being lazy?

Currently I have ideas for two books, one of which is started, and the other…well it might just be the characters are wanting to make themselves known. I know that the story for the book that’s started is there, more or less, I’m just not hearing it right now. SOOO…enter new characters, new people to get to know…to become friends with.

Until this last book the characters have just always been there to me, with the new idea, I’ve decided to go a different way. I’m actually exploring them, interviewing them, playing twenty-questions. (and let me tell you, it’s really weird for me to sit and ask a question and then answer it in a whole different personality. Wow, maybe I’ve got a multi-personality disorder.) Either way it’s been kind of fun; the only complaint I have is that they all want to talk when all I want to do is sleep.

When do all your characters talk to you?

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