Sometimes ya just need…

…away from your thoughts?

….away from your electronic devices, to reconnect with your thoughts?

….away from your everyday life?

I am feeling…I don’t know how I’m feeling. I do know that I have a story in my head and they words just aren’t being transferred to my screen right now. I can’t decide what I want my protagonist to be or who she even is, and therefore I can’t decide who my antagonist is. I’m not sure where I want the setting to be or what the events that lead the two main characters together to be. ( I mean, I have an idea but again it isn’t being transferred from my brain.)

Yesterday my wife and I along with another couple went for a mountain church service. The campsite was nestled in an area surrounded by trees, and you could hear the wind blowing through the leaves of those trees. The snapping of flying creatures wings, the distant chirping of a cricket, a birds tweet, reached our ears every now and then. And as I breathed in the fresh mountain air, I closed my eyes, lifted my face towards the heavens and just let the warm sun wash over me. Immediately I began to feel a calm settle over me…a peace and serenity that I hadn’t been feeling before.

Now while I have to say that being out in nature for say a weeks worth of camping and ‘roughing it’ aren’t my idea of a great time, The thought of maybe a night of two began to sound really nice. I started to imagine the world of disconnection for our daily lives…no cell phone, no computers, no tablets, kindles, t.vs, just me, my wife maybe a couple of good friends, sounded really nice. A camp fire, crackling and the smell of pine as it burns…the feel of the fishing pole as a fish tugs at the bait on the hook below the surface  of the water, the adrenaline and excitement as I try to reel the fish in, it all began to have an appeal. So much so that we are talking about planning such a trip. Maybe that will start the creative juices flowing again.

Or maybe it will prove to be just a get away with some great friends, some good old campfire stories, and a few ghost stories and some beer….hmm could be fun!

How do you all disconnect from your everyday lives? Please comment, and if you have a great campfire story tell me about it…a ghost story would be even better!!!


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