OMG it’s almost time!!

In fifteen days the release of my latest book DESERT BLOOMS will be here! Am I excited??? 

Yes, that would be me if you could see me right now.

Oh come on now who doesn’t like Charlie Brown and his crowd? Hmm are you seriously gonna tell me you didn’t start to do a little dance in your seat just now, yeah I thought so. Anyway the point is I’M SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED. I thought that after the first book was published, I couldn’t be that excited ever again. Boy was I wrong. I feel like it’s taking forever, and oh my god…maybe it should be put off a little longer because well maybe one character isn’t developed enough or there is more to be said in this book. And them I’m like, OMG ARE YOU CRAZY…just go with it, it’s gonna be a dynamite book and…okay even if it isn’t at least it’s out there right?

Right now all that matters is that A. I’m happy with it, and B. my publisher is happy with it right?

Okay everyone….

  Luce’s story continues in DESERT BLOOMS….

When we last met Luce Velazquez in DESERT HEAT, she went through hell and back to salvage her soul and reputation. Hoping to get her life back on track with lover Beth Ryan, a woman who understands her pain and can relate on every level. Instead, Luce is in the hospital and Beth is in protective custody.

Jessica Sullivan, Luce’s friend and ex, has big doubts about the sincerity of Beth’s love, and is in not hurry to release her from custody. Can Luce’s new found happiness last, or is Jessica correct in her doubts?

  Whew, there it is…a teaser I hope. So be sure to look for it at both, and on Aug first, and Click the play button and as Kevin Bacon said…” LET’S DAANNNCEEEE”

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