Life’s Blessings

UGH! It’s that time of year…you know, restless, unable to concentrate on any one thing for long, spring-fever. I believe it’s hit in full force. I want OUT… I want to drive in the mountains, walk in the meadows, spy the beauty of nature. NOT spray weeds, and ready the irrigation system, or any of that stuff that goes along with home ownership! In short…I want to play…I also want to be able to breathe when I do all that, which at the moment seems impossible. Allergy sufferers you all know what I’m talking about.

I wonder why it is, that no matter what the circumstances, we are never happy. I love winter time, the snow is beautiful as it falls and blankets the ground, the quietness that it creates. The warm crackle of a fireplace, the mug of hot chocolate beside you as you sit snuggled with your loved one and a blanket. But I hate driving in it, I hate having to be out in it, I hate the cold that accompanies its. Spring time is absolutely beautiful too, with the blossoming of fruit trees, and all the flowers, the arrival of singing birds. But then there’s also the arrival of all that nasty pollen…the stuff that irritates my eyes, and makes my sinuses swell to the point that I feel like I’m walking around with a baseball for a nose.

Then we have summer time…ah yes, those long days of summer filled with sunshine and green grass, the joyful sounds of children laughing and playing…the flies, the mosquitoes; that same green grass that needs cut and watered, the unbearable heat of the mid-day sun. Okay, okay I suppose I’m just being a tad cranky, it comes from being cooped up during the winter months and the constant sneezing of the last couple of weeks. I suppose it’s time to stop complaining, after all I am alive, I have a great family and am surrounded by the best people anyone could ask for! And the kitten has finally stopped attacking ME…(could be because the Christmas tree was taken down and he has nowhere to hide and plan his attacks, but hey I’ll take it whatever the reason!) Now if only he would stop the 3 am paw in the face because he wants to play fetch, I’d totally be one happy camper!

OH and my latest book should be out by July (fingers crossed…hey you…I don’t see you crossing your fingers! That’s better; thank you!)

I guess I need to remember that things in life could always be worse and along with the bad there is some good mixed in. All in all I am very blessed with the life I have, and in case I haven’t said it; Thank you for being in my life, I am thankful for all of you.

……Okay now for some reason I want to sing along with Willie “To all the girls I’ve loved before who traveled in and out my door… UGH hate when that happens!


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