Time spent alone

This week my spouse is away on business, leaving me alone for the week. Now I adore my wife, and treasure the time we spend together. Since she works from home, and I….work (Facebook and web-surfing are work, it falls under the category of research) from home so that’s a lot of time spent together. So when these business trips arise, I mostly look forward to them, I won’t lie. ——–that feeling usually lasts about twelve hours.

I am used to the background noise. Either her talking on the phone, or the tapping of her nails on her keyboard; and I’m pretty good at tuning her out when she is working, (which usually is a good thing right up until the moment she is actually talking to me and I’m not aware of it) so it works. However it’s hard to recreate that when she is gone, and honestly while music and TV provide background noise, it isn’t the same. It’s distracting, I end up singing and rocking out to Melissa or to involved in watching whatever program I have decided to watch. (I’d love a chance to score a ride along on a case with Kate Beckett and Richard Castle! Oh, and the fur-babies, tend to look at me funny when I’m singing and rockin’…it’s bad.)

I am grateful that it’s not just me that misses Heidi, our kittie Tux seems to miss her as well. I know this by the fact that, every morning during the hours of O-dark thirty and sunrise, he feels the distinct NEED to wake ME up to either snuggle or play fetch. (still can’t get over a kittie that plays fetch…I love it, but not at O-dark thirty!) The cuddling I totally blame on Heidi, in fact I blame all the spoiled habits kitten had on her. Okay yes he was a sick baby when we got him, and yes I understand the desire to hold and cuddle with said baby. BUT uh he is better now, there is no NEED to prepare a small bed on your lap while you’re trying to work simply because he doesn’t want to lay on the sofa! Yes, I totally understand that the bed is nice and soft and warm, and being under the blankets is even warmer and provides a sense of security. And I am totally willing to let kitties sleep on the bed, and even under the blankets…BUT when that happens I don’t want kitty biting my nose, or my ear or swiping at my face because OMG I’M NOT SHARING MY PILLOW! Tux…news flash baby, it’s MY pillow and I don’t have to share!! YES I know mommy says sharing is good, but…NOT my pillow! OH and while I’m at it, please stop giving me dirty looks when I shift position and disturb your sleep because you felt the need to us MY arm as your pillow.

Mommy please hurry home, we miss you and the other authority figure doesn’t share pillows, blankets or Beefaroni. (And I think the authority figure misses you to, cuz there is now writing being done and I’m not sure but I think I’ve seen tears…thank you. Love, TUX & POUNCER


Geez, can’t leave for even a minute…where was I? Oh yeah, Honey, have I told you that I miss you?

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