That feeling of accomplishment!

Image   So there is nothing like the feeling of finishing something that has been months or years in the making. Last night, after what feels like a lifetime, I finished the first draft of the sequel to DESERT HEAT. DESERT HEAT was published Sept. 2011 so that’s what, two years four months…wow, that’s a wait! Well it’s done, or at least it’s on the way to being done, now come the edits and revisions, but I at least have a finished product. No more what happens to this character or that character, or will they ever talk to me again. People ask me if I know how the story ends, and are always surprised when I tell them no “I have no clue.” Usually I’m just as surprised as the reader is. Yeah sure I can always try to make them do as I want but that’s sort of like trying to make someone do what you want…it usually doesn’t work out well.

Take the characters of these two books, Luce and Jessica…when I ended the first book, it was with the idea that Luce had found the love she had searched for and the she would live happily ever after…(I mean isn’t that what we all strive for?) Well in the process of writing the sequel, I realized the woman wasn’t all that she made herself out to be. And generally speaking, well at least for myself if someone isn’t who they have led me to believe, then they have lied to me…and well then comes the question, what else have you lied about? Right? Luce felt the same way so next thing I know it’s bye-bye Beth!! (a move that made my wife happy. Woohoo, love making her happy!!)

Anyway, you’ll have to read the book cuz I’m not spilling anymore of the beans. (a writer’s gotta have some secrets,)  Okay back to my happy dance and maybe some work on another book!

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