More things that go bump in the night

So I’ve been thinking about weird things, either scary, or that just have that eerie other world feel to them. I mentioned in a previous blog that my sisters, wife and I had been talking about the house we grew up in, and things that are just strange or weird happening there. Well in my new home, ( I say new, but we’ve lived here for three years now,) I’ve had some strange things happen. For sure the strangest being this: For a short period of time we had our niece living with us, (no that isn’t the strange part,) anyway, she was enrolled in school and it happened to be a school day when this happened to me. My wife was on a business trip, and I was home alone. I got up that morning and was getting my coffee, making sure the pets had food and water and what not. And from somewhere behind me I heard clear as day, “Hey look over here,” it was faint like a whisper, but I heard it. Being a tad freaked out, the first thing I did was make a run to the niece’s room just to make sure she wasn’t home right….she wasn’t, the TV was not on, and I don’t normally listen to the radio so it wasn’t on either.

For a few weeks before that, we were having an issue with out TV. You know what shows you watch, what stations are normal, and what you were watching when you go to bed at night right? I am well aware of what I like to watch and Nickelodeon is not on that list. THE FAMILY GUY is not on my list either. For a few weeks we were turning on our TV and it would be on Nickelodeon, the cartoon network or some other station we would be more likely to just click past. Okay we have a teenager living with maybe she is coming out and watching TV after we’ve gone gone to bed, so we ask her…”No, why would I do that when I have a TV in my room and all the same channels?” Was the answer. Hmm, okay we have kittens, maybe…I mean it’s plausible. That was all good UNTIL we’re all in bed, along with the cats, and we see a light from the hallway, I am elected to investigate…(what the hell, WHY does it always have to me?) So I toss the blankets back, swing my feet off the bed and grumble as I go out to the living room…where I find??? THE TV ON. Yeah WEIRD!!

I do have to say we haven’t had any problems like that since I got ticked and said aloud, “Okay ya know, enough is enough. Can ya stop now?” Like I said, I haven’t had anything happen since.

Tell me some of your experiences I’d love to hear them!

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