Things that go bump in the night

Last night my wife and I got together with my two sisters for dinner. I have to say it was a great time, but then it always is when the four of us get together. (not so sure their husbands feel the same way though, as our laughter sometimes becomes quite loud,) Let me fill you in on the particulars of my family. At the tender age of fifty, I am the oldest. I am the quiet one, the one that speaks now and again but mostly listens to what ever is going on. My middle sister is quite the opposite of me. She is the life of the party, the one everyone counts on to get things going, the one we know will be the loudest, and the funniest. The baby of the family is a mixture of us older ones, she can be quiet, be loud, be opinionated, will sit back and watch and at times is the one that gets the ball rolling. Now my wife…how do i describe her…(carefully I’d imagine,) she has a fantastic sense of humor, and can be sarcastic as hell, which when telling a story is useful and funny. Her stories from childhood are hilarious at times, and never fail to get us all laughing.

So here we are, all sitting around the dining-room table after having finished a fine dinner of chicken enchilada’s, nice green salad, and a marvelous amaretto flavored Halloween cake. (don’t judge, it was in the pantry and I didn’t feel like running into town.) The conversation turns to movies, we’d seen or would like to see. Innocent enough right; we start talking about the PARANORMAL movies and which one we all thought was the best, (scariest) the responses vary with the winner being the second. We discuss the movie, SINISTER…now normally I don’t mind scary movies, and I tend to like the ones that lean towards hauntings and whatnot. I do mind that I have to check every room in the house, all the closets, under the bed, and in the showers. (That totals to…two empty bedrooms in which sit two closets…yes have to check them. two bathrooms, which means two bathtubs…the entry way closet, and the closet in the master bedroom and under the bed. THAT’S ALL on a good night…IF by some chance she thinks she hears something outside, my wife has me check that too! ( If I wasn’t so sure I’d end up either dead or with one ticked off wife, I’d let out a bloodcurdling scream from outside!! But something tells me that is not a good idea!)

Anyway, we (the sisters and I) start talking about the house we grew up in.  My baby sister, has just recently realized that she hated going into the closet in her old room. Even today she is still freaked out to go in it, and rushes when she has. She asked me about that, if I maybe had any of the same feelings or if I could remember anything weird happening to me. I moved back home for a few years and the room in question was my room, so it stands to reason maybe i experienced something. I honestly couldn’t say. I know that my dog, would lay on the floor beside my chair or on the bed next to me and at times would just start barking or growling while looking at the closet door. I know that one night as i laid in bed, my entire right side went cold..goosebumps and all. Lights would flicker, but it’s an old house, right it’s bound to happen. Now to our knowledge it isn’t haunted although some weird things have happened. Such as not to long ago, my son, his daughter, and my mom are the only ones in the house, and all of a sudden a lamp and potted plant fall over. ( the lamp has three tiers spiraling up, and mom had a plant in one of the tiers.) No one is near the lamp, no doors open,,, so no reason what so ever for the thing to topple over. WEIRD! Our house has a basement which is well….a basement, it tends to be dark and musty and not really a place any of us remember wanting to go into. Oddly enough, the room I always hated going into is directly below the bedroom my sister and I had both used. There was really nothing that I can put my finger on about that room in the basement, just a slight feeling of ewww… i don’t want to go in there.

Both of my sisters have had friends that have had uneasy feelings in the house, one said she felt the presence of and saw  an old woman dressed in white sitting in a rocking chair.

We got home, and went to bed, the wife went to sleep and of course who stays awake hearing every little sound in the house. I think I finally convinced myself it was just the cats…..OR was it….I gotta say I’ve heard things here when I’ve been the only one home…




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  1. This sounds like something I would do when I got home, lay in bed while everyone
    is asleep and hear everything that creaks and cracks, of course, I know there
    is activity in my house, and have caught images on two different pictures, BUT the
    images came from outside, BUT I know all too well that things we cannot see roam
    amongst us. Sounds like the spirits in your childhood home like to be mischievous,
    and just want to make themselves known:)

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