On the seventh day…

Today is the seventh day of the new year, and so far I’ve managed to write a whopping five hundred words in my latest book. Impressive isn’t it? (Yes I’m being a tad sarcastic.) It’s not that I don’t want to write, as much as it is…I just find so much more to do; (that equates to procrastination at it’s finest! I am excelling at that so it seems.) Today alone, I’ve managed to: go to the Dr. okay that wasn’t so much a ploy as a must, but still it got me out of writing, I’ve played fetch with the kitten, pack all the essentials into my new computer bag, fix lunch and glance at a few (20 or 30) other blogs…all before deciding to sit and write a blog instead of work of on the aforementioned book. OH and I think I’ve managed to come up with some new characters for future books, because I’m sure these individuals will be wanting me to tell their stories. (An authors work is never done…)

Maybe I’m just not in the mood to actually write, I mean after all I didn’t sleep a whole lot last night, (pain is a b*&^%) so maybe I’m just tired. Or maybe I’m just working out ideas…yeah that sounds better don’t you think.. I think it sounds damn good, so I’m gonna go with that!

Okay, I suppose I should at least try to do some actual writing; Luce has to get that omelet off the stove, so no more procrastinating.

(Oh damn it, i think its burned..and the kitten wants to cuddle…) what to do, what to do…




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