365 days of blank pages…

The new year has begun, and we decide what we do with it! Resolutions and plans are all in the making, and well I’m feeling the need to do all that myself. (I don’t think I’ve ever made a new years resolution before so this should be interesting.)

The options are limitless, I mean with 365 pages…what can’t I do?

First on the list has to be, do more writing.  I’m scheduled to have two more books published this coming year, and while that appears to all be coming together, I find myself thinking about new characters, plots it’s all very exciting. Maybe this is the year I begin to seriously think of myself as a writer. (Yes baby I know, I am a writer and woohoo I have a few fans!)

I’ve mentioned before that I have issues with how I see myself right; I mean it’s not like I see myself as a bad person or even as a saint. (I’m well aware that my halo is tarnished and a bit bent out of shape.) It’s more that I never really imagined myself a published author, ( I dreamed, but never thought it would happen.)  I wrote and my pages sat in a drawer, for ME to read. In my book that isn’t an author…that’s someone who plays at writing. NOT that there is anything wrong with that. But now that I am a published author it’s a bit surreal and hard to believe that its happened to ME. Anyway back to my original thought, um…what was it…

OH yeah, ITS A NEW YEAR…I can do anything LETS FILL THOSE PAGES!! (And be the writer I am!)

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