To Lighten the mood!

Okay so last-night’s post was a bit of a downer…hell it was a bit of a sad day do we all agree? Yeah I thought you would see it my way! However today is a new day, the sun is shining, the bitter cold has subsided of at least a few hours…(okay maybe it was just the fact that I was dressed in layers of warm clothing…either way, it’s not in the sub zero temps alright. ) Where was I; ah yes, the sun is shining and the angels are singing…what you don’t hear them? Oh hell it’s finally happened I’ve lost it! (Not really, at this point I’m not sure I ever had ‘IT’…)

Anyway, I do believe I am done with the last of the outdoor decoration set up. That is until the wife finds another display she just has to have. It seems, that no matter where I go those darn things follow me and we somehow end up bringing one home with us. Last nights addition was a family of snowmen. ‘Oh honey aren’t they just so cute!”, “They would look beautiful beside the reindeer don’t you think?”, “What do you think, should we get them?… oh they look so lonely just sitting there in the box…” Uh-huh…yeah sure… tell, how do you say no when she is just so blasted excited? Short answer…you don’t, not when the light is shining in her eyes and you can just see that it means about as much to her as that b.b. gun did to Ralphie. So into the cart it goes…then comes the check out line; “oh do you think we should get another?”  Uh…NO I said we could get one…how did that translate into two families?? In my book it didn’t! I totally refuse to let my house become the Griswold’s, (do I look like Chevy Chase?)  So today i sit them up and okay I have to admit they are kinda sorta cute. (BUT i would never tell my wife that.)

We are set…lights up, tree up, ornaments up…uh…well aside from the one’s that the hurricane has deemed un-tree worthy..(yeah I know that’s not a real word.) Kittens have new toys to play with, children have gifts waiting to be put under the tree, yup life is good at the moment. Now I’m off for some egg nog and to finish wrapping the rest of the gifts! Pray for me please because I don’t see the terrorizing kitten, I’m positive he is waiting to ambush me somewhere. (Lord help me..)

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