Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…

We all know and love the story right; and it being the Christmas Season it’s making its appearance once more. In my house as of late there is an entirely different reason that not a creature is stirring…simply put, it’s because the kitten is doing enough stirring for every creature that lives in my house.

Little back story on the arrival of this little bundle of joy. Years ago when I met my wife, she told me that she was human to two feline creatures, and that they were a package deal, so a decision was to be made; can I accept that or not. Easy decision right…after all I’m the parent of three male children, and we are a package deal as well especially since at any given moment they might show up hungry. (Seemed like a fair deal to me, maybe more than fair since all I had to do was pet a feline now and then. I can do that!) Enter Pouncer and Tai. Pouncer is a big black cat, very laid back and hey he likes me…YES… I can totally handle that. I sit in my recliner, he jumps up on me for a little love and attention, I can totally do that. He isn’t in my face all the time an not demanding…yup that’s a win!

Now Tai on the other hand is/was a DIVA. A long hair domestic gray kitty whose look simply told you what you should already know…HE is royalty and expects to be treated as such. He too was a very laid back kitty, with personality all his own. Gave ‘headbutts’ and accepted kisses, and felt it was his duty to drink milk and water out of your glass, strictly as a precautionary measure…I mean he had to make sure it wasn’t poisoned or something right? Chicken and tuna on your plate had to be tested as well. Tai had been diabetic for thirteen years, and was doing quite well. Although squeamish about it, I learned how to give him his injections twice a day, learned which wet foods he preferred and what not, and before long it became my job…(how the hell did that happen? Uh did I not say cats are NOT my cup of tea? Yeah yeah, okay they’re growing on me…huh huh…) Back in 2011 my wife was in Boston on a business trip when I notice Tai was having trouble walking…a million things rush through my mind as I dial the number to our vet. How do I tell Heidi that something happened to Tai, please don’t make me have to decide alone to…well say good-bye…UGH. Well the prognosis wasn’t good, (we saw that coming didn’t we?) Spinal cancer…the vet felt that maybe at the most we could possibly have him with us at the most maybe a month. So we make him comfortable, make sure he isn’t in pain and love him. The meds do the job, the simple measures we decided to try keep the cancer from spreading, and the month we were given stretches to another year and a half. Each day a blessing and a treasured memory. Tai’s battle ended in Sept four days before our wedding. Heidi and I had talked and decided that we would speak with our vet, and sign whatever needed to be signed in the event that Tai went down hill while we were on our honeymoon; see we always boarded Tai, felt it was less stressful on him that way, and the folks at the vets adored him. We never made it to that appointment with the Dr. As I said four days before our wedding Tai went into renal failure. (I still cry at that…so much for cats not being my cup of tea..)

Now remember we have Pouncer, who has never been an only cat, and who doesn’t cope well with that. About a month of that, and he was pulling his fur (a nervous habit we were told) and becoming very insistent about attention and love, so we went out and found him a little friend…Chewbecca..or as we called him Chewy. Little did we know that Chewy wasn’t a healthy kitty, eight weeks into it, we are once again at the vets office being told about a tumor surrounding his intestines…once again cancer. Once again we say good-bye to a kitty. (God what a trying couple of months.) It was/is our thought that his previous owners found out about tumor and simply abandoned him. (He was found by some park rangers, and he was to good with people and children to have not been a family cat at some point.) Again Pouncer is NOT coping…NO no more kittys Pouncer has to learn to deal…uh no, doesn’t happen my hands and feet couldn’t handle it and well we could have almost made another kitten from the piles of fur we found each morning (well okay not really a baby mouse maybe..but you get the picture.) Off we go once again….


Now the kitten is named Tux..short for Tuxedo, because of the tux design on his chest and belly. He was originally called Batman…Heidi didn’t like it, not sure why maybe she was afraid I’d insist on getting a bird and naming it Robin I don’t know. Anyway, now as I’ve said Tux is a kitten…a baby…a tiny (growing) bundle of energy and curiosity and teething. I’ve realized that I don’t have the patience one needs for these kinds of occasions… hell my friends and family already know that I have very little patience to begin with. A very dear friend and teacher from years ago used to tell me to be patient, it would get better; (Linda thank you for that,) but my motto is more like patience hell I’m gonna kill something.

Tell me please how can one tiny little creature cause such havoc, such terror?? Remember that I said Pouncer is a big cat? He is at least fifteen pounds worth of cat..and HE is afraid of the kitten! I think it is fair to say that we all enter a room with tremendous amounts of caution. We step with the skill of the best trained spy entering the office of the diplomat while he is occupied in the next room with his cabinet members. We peer around the corner of the wall in order to try to find the little demon and calculate the time for the hallway to the sofa. Pouncer walks into the room and you can just see how he braces himself for the flying fur-ball that is about to tackle him!

During the night we hear, the thundering of paws up and down the hallway and living room, certain we will eventually get up to see the remains of a sofa cushion…the remains of the massacre in which the only survivor was the kitten. Cat toys are flung into the air after having ATTACKED the kitten…I know I’ve seen them attack the kitten out of no where. Christmas tree ornaments are scattered from one end of the room to the other…we, my household live in fear. How did this happen…I can just read it in Pouncer’s eyes…”I said I wanted a pony…not this.

That my friends is why not a creature is stirring… ooh maybe…maybe yessss he is asleep!!!Image  TaiImagePouncerImagePounce and Tux

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