And so it begins

bigpreview_Christmas DecorationsWith the first mentions of Turkey and Thanksgiving we all know it’s here… the holidays. Black Friday sales, Christmas trees, putting lights and all the decorations up in the yard, it’s all started.

I know that most wonderful time of the year has arrived when my wife, who normally works without music, asks if I mind some music… no of course not, and out comes the holiday playlist; that’s when I know there will be a flurry of a activity in my normally quiet home. I know the normal peaceful evening where we relax is going to  give way to chaos. Cats will find new undiscovered toys and new places to hide in an effort to ambush the other or even better the… authorities…oh what fun!

Yesterday my living room held an explosion of boxes that contained tree decorations and knick-knacks for every corner and surface of our house, one very excited wife and one extremely excited four year old. Oh the joy that shined in the eyes of those two humans was matched only to that of the kitten;  “ooh look at all the shiny dangly things to play with!” said the kitten as he ran through out the house, hiding now and then under the tree where he waited patiently for an unsuspecting human to place his foot close enough for an attack; “YES !!! SUCCESSFUL ATTACK!” You know that’s what he is saying as he once again darts out and runs as though the Hounds of Hell are nipping at his heels.  Yes that is my life the day after Thanksgiving…normally. This year there was a change up… (With the exception of the kitty, the excited wife and four year old, and the explosion of boxes all in one day.) This year the tree every up last week, it made sense what with the new kitty…he needed to get used to it being here. I actually loved the idea of the tree going up, it quickly became Tux’s favorite place to sleep which works for me; especially since it keeps him off my nice warm fuzzy blankie…Yes, I have fuzzy blankies…don’t judge. Any way as I was saying, the mad rush to get everything up all in one day didn’t happen, we spread it out, a little at a time yes it was perfect. Gone was the frantic hurry bring that box, where is the string of lights that go on the fireplace, the entry table the…the…the… it was nice! It was replaced with “Baby, oh I like the way you hung the stockings this year,” and “oh why didn’t we ever think of putting that there before?”  Yeah I know what you’re all waiting for…you’re waiting for the show to drop and something to go wrong…ha not this year…no sir not this time. Every ornament was hung with care, our grand-daughter was appropriately in awe of the Dr. Seuss book ornaments and with great satisfaction and pleasure announced that she KNOWS Pooh and Tigger. (Must be nice to hang out with the bouncy one…kinda jealous, but I won’t say a word.) Our son hung the lights on the house, the he and our soon to be daughter-in-law helped with the tree, we had good friends come by and they helped as well. I know it’s corny and sappy, but there really is nothing like friends and family…it really is a wonderful life.

I suppose the parting thought for today is take time to appreciate those around you and the moments that create memories. Now go grab some egg nog or glad of wine, and spend some time just breathing…at least for a minute or two.

Dannie Marsden

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