It’s dinner time, and we are all in various positions of either sitting or about to sit when we hear from above the ceiling the thunderous thump thump thump of helicopters flying over head. Like anyone else we go outside to see what’s going on…I mean it isn’t ever day one hears the army flying over your home. Now keep in mind, it’s dark, and while the moon is visible it’s only a crescent moon so not much help in eliminating the dark skies and there’s a storm moving in so clouds are starting to build up and block whatever light there is. Flashes of lightning is visible off in the distance, and we can see the form of the helicopters…lots of them, a few hover as the rest move ahead as if searching for something in the night sky. All of a sudden they fire their guns and rockets, (yeah this part I’m not sure of since I really don’t know if helicopter are equipped with rockets.) But none the less…a fire fight commences, we see a couple of copters get hit and spiral down then explode on impact, and through the clouds just as a flash of lightning hits,an outline of an alien space ship. It’s only for a brief second that we are able to see, but the image is imprinted in our brains. Logic tells us all to run inside, some like my son argue that nothing will happen to us since the real fight is ‘way over there’ but wiser minds prevail and the littler kids are taken inside, along with the women…(i.e. my mom, my sisters, my wife… I didn’t say once that I didn’t agree with my son now did I.)

We stay out long enough to see our army bring down the spacecraft, and witness ground forces move in to secure whatever it is that needs securing. Everything is gonna be fine, after all no one f*&%s with the US Army right; that’s when we hear screams, blood cuddling terrified screams. Men running and firing their weapons as they try to run backwards; some bloody, some trying to crawl away…all running from big four armed, big headed aliens carrying their own weapons intent on conquering our world. I hear myself scream “RUN…” Then I wake up.

What the hell is it with me and dreaming about alien attacks?? (pardon my french please,) That’s like the third or fourth dream like that that I’ve had. It’s not that I had to much to drink last night, especially since I didn’t have anything stronger than coffee; or even that I watched a terrifying WAR OF THE WORLDS, or some other alien attacking earth movie…I watched CHOPPED for lords sake. So I ask again, where did that come from? I suppose I should be grateful that at least in this dream, my lovely wife actually listened to me and did what I asked without asking why. I love Heidi very much, and I would never say a disparaging word about her, but she has this insistent need to constantly ask me “WHY” when I tell her to do something…In my dreams, in real life it doesn’t matter. “Honey, um can you please move over to the chair just for a minute while I get something?” “WHY,” “Just trust me,” “WHY” “UH cuz there’s this huge ass spider crawling down the wall behind you??” (IS that ever something you want to hear?) THAT’S when I hear the shriek and she bolts to the chair all the while screaming at me to kill it…kill it. Oh, looks like I got off topic, the dream …warring aliens…yeah. Where do they come from, what do they want, WHY do they invade MY dream world?????

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