A life without pain…would be nice

My wife loves winter, loves seeing the snow fall and the coldness that comes with it and while I think falling snow is beautiful I hate it. I hate that along with the beauty comes for me at least a bone aching pain that just never seems to stop. You would think that after years of dealing with RA…Rheumatoid Arthritis, I’d know what to do or take to ease the pain that comes with it. (When I say years, I do mean years, I was diagnosed in 1974.)

No, the simple answer to a painless day during the winter months eludes me. Advil, Tylenol, nothing touches it; even Vicodin barely does a thing. I can’t live my life in a hot shower (though nights like this I would love to.) and the rubs do nothing but make me smell like a medicine cabinet. Right now I would do anything to get the ache in my shoulders to just stop. Is there even a way to describe the pain? It’s a cross between an ache, a burning…maybe restless bone weary ache is accurate…I don’t know, all I know is I’d like to just stop.

I feel like I’m whining and being a big baby, especially when I remember my great grandmother, who walked with a walker and whose fingers and feet were bent and disfigured with this ugly disease. Not once do I recall ever hearing her complain. Maybe I should take a page from her book and suck it up. She truly was an amazing woman. Here’s to memories of one strong woman…

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