Challenges of working at home…(A day in the life of a writer)

Even more distracting is the ruckus of children playing outside. Their screams of joy and excitement, the squeals of laughter… ugh the sound of plastic tires of their motorized car on the pavement in the cul-de-sac. (Which can either be “Aw they are having so much fun” or “God I wish they’d go play somewhere else so I can concentrate and the damn dog would stop barking!”

The true heralding of the season…

Thanksgiving for me also signals the arrival of the Christmas season, and all the craziness that goes along with it! It means that already the boxes of decorations have come out of their hiding place and are ready to be gone through. I KNOW without a doubt that the season has arrived by the fact that yesterday afternoon my wonderful wife had our living-room torn apart and me hauling out the Christmas tree in preparation for Friday, which is decorating day.

A good nights sleep…(every day life of a writer or so it seems)

” well she couldn’t find true north, I read the article to you…” yeah but it doesn’t have to take twenty minutes to find true north and you cant find it if you just zoning out into the darkness. “Well honey, just be patient…” hm, she wants to die. “I don’t think she wants to die,” Then she better do her business this time…” OUT I go again with the ‘sweet adorable puppy dog’, yeah right. Fifteen minutes later, has she done anything NO, is she staring off into space? NO she is looking at me like I’ve lost my ever-lovin mind and is standing at the door ready to go in!! Once again the dog is inside,

Why am I scared…

What scares me for my future, for that of my nephews, my nieces, my grandchildren…this is a man who has the support of the KKK…who now behave as though they have support for their hate. We now have someone who says and does as they please, telling people sure, If your famous you can assault women and hey they don’t care… what happens when any man who feels like it does that, “Uh so the President does it so hey it’s okay’?